“Someone / somewhere” is placed in a street of the city of Bogota D.C. The 48. Is a street where i had been over and over again (10 years of permanency), I had been entering and going out, walking and fleeing, seeing a fenced house, a tree that can has five hundred years old, the almost dominant Catholic University, the building with more than 100 inhabitants, the two motels working with their naughty guests, the copy machine place, the new neighbors and his ambulant house. “Someone / somewhere” is an exercise. At all time exercises are done. From the physical movements that are done in the college up to the sketches of an artwork, all they are exercises. The muscles are exercised and skills and the habilities with I work. He exercises to design some idea that is patrolling for the tangle of thought, for the thought that looks and researches up to find out the best solution. “Someone / somewhere” exercises it in describing, repeating, translating. “Someone / Somewhere” intends to live in a place, but it cannot take it. It intends to take it in a photograph but it gets lost in time. It intends to take it in the memory, but it gets dissolve in the oblivion. It intends to describe in photographies, in drawings, in words, in images, in sounds, it that is not possible to translate: to be and to remain; the place and the experience of it.

Landscape, place, description, repetition, translation.